You don't HAVE to be on stage to be a rock star...I'll make you look like one wherever you are!


Bands!...Hi-Res promos, press kits, show posters, fliers, ads, web name it! Scheduled photo shoots and live venue shoots available. You're eating Ramen, right? I get it. I rodeo, too...rates negotiable. 


Special Events!...Graduations, birthdays, first communion, baptisms, rodeos, sports, whatever! Live action venue shooting is my specialty. Whatever your special event is, don't just take a picture...MAKE ONE!


Hi-resolution professional photography service with professional post process editing from an experienced, published photographer. All photos are web, print, and large graphic quality. Rates negotiable. Browse your shoot in your own personal online proofing gallery from the privacy of your own device(s). 


Photo Editing!...Don't delete that pic!! I offer quick-fix editing of all your special moments. From photo bombs to sunburns to color adjustment and more, I offer professional editing of your cell and camera moments. Package pricing is available. 


Be sure to ask about special products available with your order. I work with my own lab and can turn your photos into something really special. Need a gift? I do coffee mugs! Want to add a certain flair to your home or office? Why not a wall vinyl? Jigsaw puzzles, large frames, art prints, key chains, Christmas ornaments, and even U.S. postage stamps....postage stamps!! 100% real tender for Domestic U.S. Mail available in post card rates and standard 1 oz letter rate!